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Beijing Boyuan Hengxin Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company focusing on the research and development of industrial inkjet printing control systems. It has been focusing on the design, research and development, promotion and application of inkjet control technology for more than 20 years, and its achievements in the industry have always been far ahead. The company currently has more than one hundred employees with bachelor's degree or above, including doctorate and master's degrees. It is a high-tech software enterprise certified by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, and has obtained a number of patents and software copyrights. Zhejiang Boyin (Hengyin) Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Beijing Boyuan Hengxin Technology Co., Ltd. It is a high-tech company specializing in the research and development, production, sales and technical services of digital printing equipment. The company's products are "digital inkjet printing equipment and supporting overall application solutions", which are mainly used in textile, printing and dyeing, home furnishing, fashion, personalized design and other related fields. In order to meet the needs of the majority of users in the market, Boyin (Hengyin) Digital has developed an overall digital printing solution, mainly including "active digital printing solution", "acid digital printing solution", and "dispersed digital printing solution". The printing technology used Can be displayed on most fabrics.


The company's registered capital is 30 million yuan, and it has gathered a group of high-quality, high-level scientific and technological talents with both ability and political integrity. The Boyin Technology team is formed by talents in product R&D and design, production management, marketing, corporate management, etc. It is a passionate, enterprising, pioneering and innovative team. Combine scientific and technological theory with practice; combine design with customer needs to provide customers with reliable services. The company has a complete service system, a enthusiastic service team, provides customers with meticulous pre-sales consultation, closely cooperates with loyal customers in the region, assists customers in completing project implementation, and maintains high-quality after-sales service.

The company adopts modern management mode, and the Centrino series inkjet printing equipment produced by it has the characteristics of high precision, fast speed and strong stability. All products have undergone rigorous testing, and the product performance parameters comply with international standards and industry standards. We are determined to manufacture reliable products for users. The company has obtained a variety of new-use patents and invention patents, pursues development and innovation in technology, and pursues uniformity and consistency in product quality. The products are sold to more than 20 countries and regions including India, Pakistan, Russia, Turkey, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Egypt, Syria, South Korea, Portugal, and the United States. There are offices or agents in many places at home and abroad.
The company adheres to the business philosophy of "innovation first, quality first, service-oriented". And to "brand the future" as our eternal and unchanging noble mission.

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