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Dispersed Inks for fabric printing

Short Description:

  • Material :
  • Polyester 100%, or composition more than 80% polyester.
  • Kinds of clothing, Home textile, AD,Sports wear etc.
  • ★Head:
  • ★Features:
  •  Wide color gamut, bright color
  • In high-speed printing mode, color gamut and fluency are good.
  •  High color fastness withstanding long-distance shipping and colorless migration
  • Extremely high light fastness
  •  Safe and environmental friendly,  be tested by  lab.


As a water-based environment-friendly ink, it is used for textile digital high-energy direct printing. It’s colorful and super result for the color fastness


Product Detail

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Excellent Quality

Stable quality, first-class printing fluency and no nozzle blocking

Environmentally Friendly

Safe and environmentally friendly, and its chemical composition meets SGS safety chemical requirement


bright colors, high color fastness, simpler than the traditional printing and dyeing process.


Why Choose Us
1: 8000 square meters factory.
2: Powerful R&D team,responsible big after-sales service.
3: Our machine is very famous and earn a good reputation in china.
4: No.1 industry for pigment and disperse of fabric digital printer in china.

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