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Can buying only one digital printing machine be applied to all fabrics?

Many first-time entrepreneurs, contact with digital printing customers will think of this question, here BYDI provide you with the answer, you are about to print grey fabric material determines the process of the machine, and Boyin digital printing machine has always been known for compatibility and permeability, the type of Digital Printing Ink used, it is suitable for a variety of fabrics, cotton, hemp, silk, polyester, blended, nylon and other materials, Boyin digital printing technology offers a wide range of fabric adaptability, but not all machines are perfect for all fabrics. Here are some things to consider:

  1.   1.Fabric compatibility: Most digital printing machines can handle cotton, linen, silk, nylon, polyester, viscose fibers, but special fabrics such as heavy wool, suede, wool, waterproof cloth may require special equipment.
  2.   2.Ink: Reactive Inks,Pigment Inks, Disperse Inks,Acid Inks are suitable for different fabrics, a machine may be fixed or compatible with multiple inks, need to choose according to the fabric.
  1.   3.Sprinkler technology: fineness and pressure, plush fabrics need to be able to distance the nozzle, different fabrics need to be adjusted to see whether the equipment supports.
  2.   4.Pre-treatment and post-treatment: Some fabrics need to be pre-treated such as sizing, post-treatment such as hot setting color, the machine can not replace these steps.
  3.   5.Thickness and elasticity Elastic fabrics such as large elasticity, the equipment needs to have a tension system, otherwise the pattern is easy to deform.
  4. In summary, when purchasing, it is necessary to clarify the range of production fabrics, understand the details of the machine, whether it can upgrade the ink system, the adaptability of the nozzle, whether it has pre-treatment requirements, and choose the most matching digital printing machine. The ideal state is a machine compatible with a variety of fabrics, but the specific needs of the selection of optimal.

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Post time: 06-07-2024
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