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Digital printing machine extraction of waste ink precautions(02)

    In the process of efficient and accurate printing with Boyin digital textile direct jet digital printing machine, the treatment of waste ink is an important link that cannot be ignored. Reasonable extraction and treatment of waste ink is not only the key to daily maintenance and maintenance of print-heads, but also directly affects the printing quality and printer life and the normal operation of the machine. Digital printing machines produce waste ink that cannot be reused during the printing process, which is usually collected into specialized waste ink cartridges or waste ink pads. Therefore, some brands of digital printing opportunities to manual manual processing of waste ink, the following points are manual extraction of waste ink precautions:

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  2.         4. After each extraction of waste ink, the digital printing machine must be cleaned, which can avoid the phenomenon of "siphoning", resulting in unnecessary loss of ink in the ink cartridge and pollution of the entire ink supply system.
  1.        5.   Use a dedicated ink pumping tool to extract waste ink. Do not open the waste ink cartridge directly or extract it forcibly to prevent waste ink leakage and damage to the equipment. Before extracting waste ink, ensure that all tools are clean and dust-free to prevent impurities from entering the printer.

  2. All the above complicated operating guidelines will cause irreversible damage to the print-head and the digital printing machine as a whole because of artificial uncertainties. The digital printing machine extraction of waste ink is a meticulous and critical task, only strictly abide by the operation specifications, in order to ensure the stable and efficient work of the printing machine, extend its service life, so in order to reduce the loss of ink and the loss of artificial factors as much as possible, Boyin digital printing machine has developed a negative pressure ink path control system and ink degassation system, automatic cleaning system. Maximize the stability of the machine performance, reduce manual operation, but also maximize the use of ink to learn more about the machine details please contact: 

      Dee dee WA/VX:18368802602 Email:sales01@boyinshuma.com

Post time: 03-19-2024
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