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The future development trend of digital printing industry

In addition to textile digital printing and office printing, the application field of digital inkjet printing ink also includes mature application fields such as advertising images and inkjet printing, as well as rapidly developing industrial digital printing, such as packaging, label printing, architectural decoration (tiles, color peeling, wallpaper). and carpet printing, or even printing directly on the wall), craft decoration printing and many other fields, as digital inkjet printing technology is more widely used, the demand for digital inkjet printing ink will also increase significantly, as the key ingredient of ink is high. The market demand for pure pigments will also increase substantially.

(1) Accelerated transformation from traditional screen printing to digital printing

With the development of my country’s economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, the concept of consumption in the textile market has undergone major changes. The traditional printing process has been unable to meet people’s consumer demand for multi-variety, personalized, fashionable and environmentally friendly textiles. Digital printing fits the personality. It has a broad space for development due to the consumption trend of modernization, fashion and rapid change.

(2) The cost of digital printing equipment and consumables further decreased

With the breakthrough of key technologies in digital printing and the increase in the number of orders, the prices of consumables such as ink and nozzles will further drop, and the further opening of the ink system will further stimulate market vitality and create greater competitive advantages for digital printing production.

(3) The linkage sales of digital printing equipment and digital printing ink can reduce service costs and further strengthen and promote the coordinated development of the two

The performance of digital printing equipment will continue to improve, with faster printing speed, higher precision, better image quality, stronger stability, and more intelligent equipment. At the same time, the development of digital inkjet printing inks with excellent versatility, good stability, wide color gamut, high color fastness, good vividness, and high color yield is the development trend of the digital inkjet printing industry. The digital jet printing equipment is further matched and improved by the performance of digital jet printing ink, and the service cost can be further reduced through the linkage sales model, and the market application prospect is broad.
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Post time: Jul-29-2022