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Why choose digital textile printing?

1. Sustainable Printing Market Demand
From big fashion giants to small apparel businesses, sustainable apparel is the new USP everyone wants to take advantage of. This trend is essentially customer-centric, as brands are focusing on reducing pollutants and turning to digital textile printing as awareness of the environmental damage the textile industry causes around the world increases.
Not only can it be used to create sustainable textile prints, but designs in textile design software are executed using inkjet printers that do not use harmful dyes! They prefer to print with thermal transfer or powder dyes and use less water than traditional printing methods.
2. Wide range of design possibilities:
The ideal textile design software is at your side, and the design possibilities are almost endless! Not only can you print on many types of fabrics such as silk, cotton, etc., but you can also create any type of design with multiple color combinations and print easily and quickly on the fabric of your choice.
Additionally, since the textile design tool is inherently user-friendly, designs can be easily accomplished without any major design or technical knowledge requirements. Additionally, whether you wish to offer a personalised product, customers wish to print images of their choice or offer, or wish to create designs with clip art or fonts, you can use one or more of these in whatever way you see fit. way to customize your fabric elements.
3. Low capital investment:
Installation of digital textile printing equipment requires far less space and resources than traditional dyeing and printing methods! Not only can you easily set up a print unit with an inkjet printer, but you also don’t have to spend money to create inventory that could end up dead stock if customers don’t like the design.
All you need to start your apparel business is an online platform and a textile design software that you can use to create virtual product designs. Create minimal product inventory, or you can skip inventory altogether and upload virtual designs on your platform. Then, once orders start flowing in and the design is established in the market, you can move to mass production.
4. Quick sampling and printing on demand:
Also, one of the greatest advantages of going to a digital printing method is that it enables you to execute bespoke and personalised orders in very small quantities! You can print a t-shirt with an inkjet printer because it doesn’t print with dye, so you can take a print-on-demand business model and get a premium price to deliver customized and personalized products.
So whether you want to capitalize on the bespoke trend or create a garment that is trending on social media, digital printing methods and textile design software are right around your corner, allowing you to capitalize on this trend at minimal cost and deliver it as per A print-ready business model serves your customers.
5. Reduce waste:
In the digital textile printing method, there is no need to produce screens or plates for screen printing or rotary printing, so the equipment requirements are much lower! Furthermore, printing directly on fabric means less waste of excess ink (unlike dyeing), which also means precise application of the artwork. Plus, when you use premium ink, the printhead won’t clog and waste.
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Post time: Jul-29-2022