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BYDI direct to fabric printing machine XYZ axis role

    The XYZ axis as the core mechanical structure of the Boyin digital printing machine, plays a vital role, their precise positioning and coordinated movement is the basis for achieving high quality printing effect, the specific role of the XYZ axis of the digital printing machine,

  •     The X-axis, which usually refers to the lateral movement direction of the device, is responsible for moving the print-heads or substrate in the width direction in a horizontal plane. During the printing process, the precise control of the X-axis ensures that the pattern can be laid accurately in the width direction of the fabric or other substrate. Whether it is a continuous pattern or a repetitive pattern that requires precise alignment, the stability and precision of the X-axis is one of the key factors in determining the quality of the print.

    The Y-axis, which is responsible for moving the print-heads or substrate along length in a vertical plane, ensures that the pattern extends continuously and seamlessly down the substrate. Each tiny advance of the Y-axis needs to be perfectly matched with the lateral movement of the X-axis to achieve continuous coverage of the pattern in the longitudinal direction, which is especially critical for large format or multi-color overprinting. The stability and speed of the Y-axis directly affect the printing efficiency and the overall coherence of the pattern.

    The Z-axis is responsible for adjusting the distance between the print-heads and the substrate, that is, the height of the printing. Control of this dimension is essential for adapting substrates of different thicknesses and textures. Through the fine adjustment of the Z axis, the print-heads can maintain the best ink jet distance, avoid the spread or sputtering of ink droplets, and ensure that smooth silk, rough linen and even undulating surfaces can achieve a clear and uniform printing effect. In addition, the height adjustment ability of the Z-axis also enables the digital printing machine to handle designs with a sense of relief or three-dimensional, further broadening its range of applications.

    The above is the role of XYZ axis of BYDI direct to fabric printing machine. The key to achieving high-precision and diversified printing effects. The XYZ axis of the digital printing machine does not operate in isolation, but collaboratively through a sophisticated control system. With the printing ink developed by the original Boyin, it can further improve the pattern clarity, color brightness, feel softness, environmental protection products, easy to use, for details, please call Dee dee, WhatsApp/ WeChat: 86-18368802602 Email :sales01@boyinshuma.com

Post time: 07-08-2024
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