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How to distinguish the plug and line break of the digital printing machine?

  Digital printing print-heads is the core of digital printing technology, the stability of the print-heads directly affects the printing quality and production efficiency. The Ricoh print-heads equipped with the mainstream ribbon direct printing machine of Boyin is not only fine in the use of the Ricoh print-heads, but also can maintain stability under high-speed operation, and powerful penetration can also adapt to a variety of inks. Digital textile printing machine printing "plug" and "line break" two common fault phenomena, although they have similarities, but the cause and treatment methods are different. Correctly distinguish and timely deal with these two situations for the maintenance of equipment, to ensure smooth production is very important, then how do we distinguish the digital printing machine plug and broken line?

    1.The plug

The plug usually refers to the print-heads blockage, that is, the inkjet hole is blocked by dried ink or other impurities, resulting in the print-heads can not normally spray ink droplets. In this case, the printed pattern may be missing, uneven color blocks or stripes, and in serious cases, it can not be printed at all.

There are several reasons for the head plug of the digital printing machine, such as not being used for a long time, ink quality problems, improper cleaning and maintenance of temperature and humidity. Because the print-heads is exposed to the air for a long time without use, the ink surface is easy to dry and form a hard shell. Inks containing impurities or unsuitable chemicals may cause the print-heads to clog. Regular cleaning of the print-heads is the key to preventing plugs, and lack of proper maintenance can exacerbate the blockage problem. Extreme temperature and humidity conditions will affect the ink state, promoting drying or condensation. Boyin digital sales & after-sales will regularly guide customers to use special cleaning liquid for cleaning according to their daily use needs, in addition to customers' holidays, Boyin will also inform customers in advance to regularly spray print-heads moisturizing solvent, maintain the appropriate temperature and humidity of the equipment environment, and do our best to help customers avoid unnecessary losses.

     2.Line break

Line break refers to the discontinuity of lines or color areas that should be continuous during the printing process, forming blank spots or thin lines. This is usually caused by the print-heads failing to consistently and steadily spray ink droplets.

There are several reasons for the breakage of the digital printing machine print-heads, such as print-heads wear, voltage instability, ink path system problems, and improper software Settings. Under long-term use, the print-heads may affect the inkjet accuracy due to physical wear. The power supply voltage fluctuation may affect the sprinkler drive circuit, resulting in ink-jet discontinuity. Ink path system problems such as insufficient ink supply pressure, screen blockage, etc., affect the normal flow of ink to the print-heads. Improper software Settings resulting in too fast printing speed or improper inkjet frequency Settings may also lead to disconnection.

 After sale, we will carefully adjust the voltage supply stability, maintain the ink path system, clean the filter screen, ensure smooth ink supply, adjust the printing parameters, such as reducing the printing speed and optimizing the inkjet mode. Check a series of indicators and then judge the status of the print-heads, for serious wear of the print-heads, consider replacing the new print-heads.

      The above method can distinguish the plug and the broken line, the key is to carefully consider the brand reputation and after-sales strength of the manufacturer's equipment before purchasing the digital printing machine. The plug often leads to a large area of printing defects, and the broken line is more reflected in the discontinuity of the details. Carefully compare and observe the specific performance of the sample printing effect before purchasing and the after-sales team analyzes the operation method of machine failure. Boyin digital printing technology will ensure that the digital printing pattern locks the fabric instantly by following the correct pre-processing, printing, fixing and post-processing steps according to the quality of the pattern and the durability of the fabric. Please call us for more details. Boyin can improve the digital textile Pigment inks, color brightness, feel softness, environmental protection products

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Post time: 06-19-2024
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