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How to improve the color fastness of digital printing?

    When many customers turn from traditional printing and dyeing to modern digital printing and dyeing direction, it is inevitable that the color fastness of the patterns printed by the digital printing machine will be questioned and uncertain. Because the color of the printing area is bright and the pattern is clear, which is closely related to the color fastness, so the color fastness is one of the important indicators of the quality of digital printing, the lack of color fastness will lead to color fading, discoloration, affecting the beauty and use of the product, then the color fastness of Boyin digital printing how? How to improve the color fastness of digital printing?

    In the design and manufacturing process, the key indicator of color fastness is fully considered, and advanced printing technology and high-quality ink are used to ensure that the printing pattern has good color fastness. Specifically, in order to improve the color fastness of printing to the degree of digital printing, mainly through the following aspects:

  1. 1.Digital Textile Printing Ink selection: Boyin Digital Technology selects environmentally friendly Pigment inks optimized for digital printing. These inks are not only bright in color, wide in color gamut, but also excellent in color fastness such as washing-fastness, friction resistance and light resistance, which can meet the requirements of different application fields.
  2. 2.The combination of ink and fabric technology: through fine digital inkjet technology and ink penetration technology, the ink is closely combined with the fabric fiber, and the pattern can be kept bright and the fading phenomenon can be reduced even after multiple washing.

    3.Pre-treatment and post-treatment process: Good pre-treatment can improve the ink absorption of the fabric, and post-treatment helps to fix the color. Through a reasonable process process, such as pre-treatment to increase the ink absorption of the fabric, post-treatment to strengthen the combination of ink and fiber to further improve the color fastness.

4.Equipment accuracy and control: The high-precision print-heads and advanced print control system of Boyin digital printing machine can ensure the uniform distribution of ink on the fabric and reduce the ink drop deviation, which also has a positive effect on the improvement of color fastness. As for how to further improve the color fastness of digital printing, the following measures can be taken:

      *Optimized pre-treatment: Selecting the appropriate pre-treatment method according to the type of fabric, such as using the appropriate sizing agent, can enhance the absorption of the fabric to the ink and improve the color fastness.

      *Choose the right ink: According to the type of fabric fiber and the end product use, choose the most suitable type of ink, such as active ink for natural fibers such as cotton and hemp, disperse ink for synthetic fibers such as polyester.

      *Improved post-treatment: Post-treatment processes such as high temperature fixing, steaming or chemical fixing are used to strengthen the combination of ink and fiber and improve the color fastness level.

      *Precise color management: With accurate color management software and adjustment of printing parameters, ensure the right amount of ink is used to avoid excessive penetration or ink accumulation that affects color fastness.

      *Environmental control: Keep the appropriate temperature and humidity of the printing workshop, avoid printing in too wet or dry environment, to reduce the color fastness affected by environmental factors. To sum up, Boyin digital printing has a high level of color fastness, and through the comprehensive use of the above strategies, it can further improve the durability and beauty of printing products.


Post time: 06-17-2024
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