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How the digital printing pattern instantly locked on the fabric?

    Boyin directly digital printing technology has become a major innovation in the textile industry because of its high efficiency, environmental protection and flexibility. Compared with traditional printing, Boyin directly digital printing machines can provide more detailed images and faster production speed. So how does Boyin directly digital printing machine make the pattern instantly lock on the fabric?

    Boyin according to the customer's different fabric selection of different printing process, after Boyin high-speed digital printing machine, the printed fabric into the dryer, through high temperature so that the dye and fiber combination.

The fixing process is key to ensuring patterns last and are brightly colored. Adjust the temperature and time according to the dye type and fabric material. Some dyes may require steam treatment to further fix the color.

    The steam can open up the fiber structure, allowing the dye to penetrate more deeply. After fixing, the fabric needs to go through a washing process to remove unfixed dyes and any remaining pre-treat materials. The fabric needs to be thoroughly dried after washing to ensure the stability of the pattern.After the fixed process is completed, a quality inspection is essential. Check patterns for uneven, peeling or blurry colors, and ensure fabric feel and durability are up to standard.According to the quality of the pattern and the durability of the fabric, by following the correct pre-processing, printing, fixing and post-processing steps, the digital printing technology can ensure that the digital print pattern locks the fabric in an instant.


    Boyin can improve the digital textile Pigment inks, color brightness, feel softness, environmental protection productsFor more information, please call Dee dee: 18368802602 or Email: sales01@boyinshuma.com

Post time: 05-27-2024
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