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Ink quantity calculation of Boyin digital direct injection printing machine

    Boyin digital printing machine comprehensively considers environmental protection, efficiency, accuracy, cost, operation convenience, service and other aspects, with environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving, high-precision printing, rapid production advantages, to provide enterprises with a comprehensive digital printing solutions. The amount of ink consumed by directly printing digital  printing machines is usually affected by a variety of factors, including but not limited to the following:

1.Pattern complexity and color coverage: the color type, depth and coverage area of the pattern directly affect the amount of ink used. Full-color patterns significantly increase ink consumption compared to high-coverage patterns (such as 100% color coverage) with low-coverage patterns (such as 10% color coverage).
2.Print Quality Settings: The higher the print quality (DPI, points per inch), the more ink droplets are sprayed per unit area, so the ink consumption will also increase.
3.Print area: The size of the print area directly affects the total amount of ink used, and large-area printing naturally requires more ink.
4.Ink drop size: Different models of directly digital printing machine, the print-heads can produce the smallest ink drop size is different, smaller ink drop size often bring more delicate printing effect, but also increase the amount of ink.
5. Digital Printer Ink type: Different inks, such as water-based, solvent-based, pigment based or active inks, have different density and viscosity, which will affect the actual ink consumption efficiency when printing.

To sum up, in order to accurately calculate the specific ink amount, there is no fixed formula that can be used in all cases, but a general estimation method can be followed:
It is recommended to combine the software estimation function of the machine, see the actual consumption data at the closing site of the manufacturer, and fine-tune according to the actual operation needs or directly conduct small-scale tests to obtain the closest value to the actual situation.Boyin can improve the digital textile Pigment inks, color brightness, feel softness, environmental protection products

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Post time: 05-15-2024
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