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Zhejiang Boyin Digital Technologhy Co., ltd 7th Anniversary

Boyin start from Beijing Boyuan Hengxin Technology co., ltd more than 20 years. As the time goes by, it’s already 7 years to be the Boyuan’s subsidiary.
It’s gathered a group of high-quality, top level scientific and technological talents and stable stuffs. High speed industrial digital printing machine sold great.

Boyin developed with different solutions, such as “active digital printing “, “disperse digital printing“, “acid digital printing“. As per the situation for the whole world, more efficiency, more eco, less power requirement will be the popular solutions -pigment printing. It’s helps more customer and with great rewards.

Boyin always with quality and service , always help customer to find the suitable solutions by their located situation. There had more than 20 countries with our products including India, Pakistan, Russia, Turkey, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Egypt, Syria, South Korea, Portugal and United states.

We also appreciated here that all of our customer, friends with positive feedback so that we can support u always and solved the issues always.
We will with u for next 7 years, 10 years and hope to built Centennial enterprise with u all together!

Thank you all!

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Post time:Nov-11-2022

Post time: 11-11-2021
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